Pitch Class Calculator


Pitch Class Calculator is an auxiliary tool for Post-Tonal music analysis. Jamary Oliveira's PCN has inspired this tool.

Available operations

  • Transposition
  • Inversion
  • Transposition to zero
  • Repeats cleaning
  • Sort
  • Normal form
  • Prime form
  • Forte class number
  • Interval class vector
  • Index vector
  • Multiply (by 5 and 7)
  • Class members
  • Subsets
  • Complement
  • IcVSIM (Interval class vector similarity)
  • Row inversion
  • Rotation
  • Retrograde
  • Row matrix
  • Symmetry axis
  • Voice-leading space

Voice leading space

by Ricardo Bordini

Triadic transformations involve two types of operations: contextual inversions that preserve notes in common and parsimonious voice-leading. Contextual inversion inverts a triad around a note or two, and parsimonious voice-leading connects the triads as smoothly as possible. The most parsimonious voice-leading is one that preserves two common notes and another moves by semitone (relationship of parallels and leading-tones). Slightly less parsimonious voice-leading is one that preserves two notes and another moves by two semitones (relative) or that preserve one note and the other two move by semitone (obverses of homonyms, leading-tone and relative). (For more details see Straus, 2016, p. 188-89.) The idea of a space of notes in a tonal range appeared for the first time in Lerdahl in 1988. This idea was later expanded to a space for chains in an atonal scope by Morris in 1998. For more about spaces of chains for trichords and tetrachords, see Straus (2016, p. 179-183).


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  • Ricardo Mazzini Bordini
  • Alexandre Mascarenhas Espinheira