Zarlino is a suite of music analysis tools on the web. It gathers simple tools such as Music Contour Calculator (old ContourMetrics), Pitch Class Processor, and Form Annotator.

Zarlino is under continuous development and is the result of research projects conducted by Marcos Sampaioopen in new window under Genos Research Groupopen in new window. See new features in the betaopen in new window version.

The program's name is an hommage to Gioseffo Zarlino (1517-1590), an Italian composer and music theorist who wrote Le istitutioni harmoniche, an essential treatise in the history of music theory.


Zarlino uses these libraries:

  • Vuepress
  • vuepress-webpack
  • vue-piano (modified)
  • chart.js
  • vue-chartjs
  • d3-force
  • v-network-graph
  • plugin-search
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