Contour Calculator


Contour Calculator is a calculator for the calculus of Contour Theory operations. The development of current web version has started in 2020 but it is a new generation of previous tools such as Goiaba, MusiContour and ContourMetrics.

This tool is a result of the research projects conducted by Marcos Sampaio in his Master's and Ph.D. projects, and his research about contour Similarity.

Music Contour Relations Theory

Contour Theory in current usage was started by Michael Friedmann, Robert Morris, and Elizabeth Marvin in 1980s. Plenty of authors have colaborated since them.

Concepts and operations

The calculator provides Theory's operations:

  1. Translation
  2. Equivalent class
  3. Adjacent series
  4. Inversion
  5. Retrogression
  6. Window reduction (3 and 5)
  7. Direction index
  8. Oscillation index
  9. Oscillation spectrum
  10. Oscillation similarity
  11. Global pattern similarity

Furthermore, the calculator provides auxiliary operations:

  1. Repetitions cleaning

The calculator lacks Morris', Schultz's and Sampaio's reduction algorithms.

See a brief description of these operations here.


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